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Iowa Gambling Task (IGT). Bechara et. 18-35 36-50 51-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85+. Age. Avg % errors across. 33 tasks. ttitude to proposed legislation.
Studies using the Iowa gambling task, or Iowa Card Task, have. A study in which participants of various age groups who were asked to. Click to Play!

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Each time a request is made to view a page within this website, our website creates a log file capturing generic user information. Click to Play! Kiri-kin-tha's first law of Metaphysics: Nothing unreal exists.. in affective decision making as indexed by performance on the Iowa Gambling Task.. Fear-related activity in the prefrontal cortex increases with age during.
Youth showed a trend to choose less risky decks at later ages, suggesting some improvement in task. Decision-making; Genetics; Iowa Gambling Task; Twins. Click to Play! Lex talionis: Testosterone and the law of retaliation... "The age-associated decline of androgens in reproductive age and menopausal Black and White. "Testosterone is positively associated with risk taking in the Iowa Gambling Task.
"Studies using the Iowa gambling task, or Iowa Card Task, have examined. A study conducted on men and women of various age groups,. Click to Play! Professor i barn- och ungdomsvetenskap. Min forskning handlar om föräldraskap, barn, ungdomar, agency, identitetsskapande, livssituation, internet.
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You must be at least 18 years of age, or the minimum legal age in the jurisdiction in which. Please be aware that underage gambling is illegal.
J Am Acad Psychiatry Law, January 1, 2006; 34(1): 61 - 71.. and Control Children Using a Child Version of the Iowa Gambling Task.. of Male Criminality: A Prospective Population-Based Follow-up Study From Age 8 to Late Adolescence.

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... cognitive function in school-aged children2018Independent thesis Advanced.... Emotion and Cognition in the Iowa Gambling Test2008Independent thesis.
Children of mothers at psychosocial risk growing up: a follow up at the age of 162007Inngår i: Journal of Adolescence, ISSN 0140-1971, E-ISSN 1095-9254, Vol.

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Syftet med studien var att ta reda på vilka motivationsfaktorer som förenar toppsäljare.
Toppsäljarna intervjuades enskilt genom en semistrukturerad intervjuguide.
En tematisk analys utfördes på utskrifterna från intervjuerna och analysen undersöktes utifrån tre huvudkategorier: inre motivation, yttre motivation, och flow.
Resultatet visade att toppsäljarna hade en stark inre drivkraft att utvecklas, att nå egna mål och uppnå positiva känslotillstånd av själva utförandet.
Den yttre motivationen skiljde sig mellan toppsäljarna, då vissa drevs mer av yttre stimuli såsom pengar och beröm än andra.
Resultatet visade att toppsäljarnas drivs till största delen av inre motivationsfaktorer, då de var starkt framträdande hos samtliga.
Det är därmed viktigt att skapa en arbetsmiljö- och situation som främjar säljarnas möjlighet att sätta egna mål och autonomi.
Syftet med undersökningen var att identifiera det upplevda behovet och nyttan av mental träning under tävlingssammanhang, för golf- och tennisgymnasieelever.
En webbaserad enkät skickades till 258 elever och 154 svar inkom.
Resultaten visade att eleverna som inte hade mental träning på utbildningen önskade i stor omfattning att det skulle ingå i deras utbildning och de ansåg att de skulle ha nytta av det under tävling för att förbättra sina prestationer eller resultat.
Detsamma gällde för eleverna som hade mental träning på sin utbildning.
Färdigheterna koncentration, uppmärksamhet, kontroll av känsloreaktioner, kontroll av laddning, upphetsning och vaksamhet, samt sätta upp mål skattades högre de gångerna eleverna tävlade och lyckades än de gångerna då de misslyckades.
Färdigheterna ansågs påverka prestationen och resultatet i hög grad vid tävlingssammanhang.
Eleverna som satsade på en professionell karriär och som hade börjat med mental träning vid 15 årsålder eller tidigare hade mest nytta av den mentala träningen på utbildningen.
Mental träning föreslås ingå tidigare i idrottsträningen och utbildningen för att idrottare ska prestera ännu bättre.
Swedish national statistics suggest that the number of reported stranger rapes is steadily increasing.
Stranger rape is iowa gambling laws age of the most difficult types of crime for the police to investigate because there is no natural tie between the victim and offender.
As a result, there is a need for more knowledge about how crime scene features could be used to make inferences of likely offender characteristics that could help investigators narrow down the pool of suspects.
The aim in Study I was to examine how offender behaviors interact with contextual features, victim behaviors, and the assault outcome.
The results also highlight the importance of including contextual features when studying offender behaviors.
The aim in Study II was to examine how single-victim rapists and serial rapists can be differentiated by the actions at their first stranger rape.
Results suggest that three behaviors in conjunction: kissed victim, controlled victim, and offender drank alcohol before the offense, could be used to predict whether the offender was a single-victim rapist or serial rapist with a classification accuracy of 80.
Results showed that the strongest predictions could be made for previous criminal convictions, offender age, and the distance traveled by the offender to offend.
Overall, the present thesis has found some scientific support for the use of crime scene behaviors to make inferences of likely offender characteristics that could be useful for profiling purposes.
Using a multi-method approach, I studied the relationship between individual differences in self-reported trait mindfulness and electrocortical, electromyographic, electrodermal, and self-reported responses to emotional pictures.
Specifically, while subjects passively viewed IAPS pictures, electrocortical data, skin conductance, and also electromyographic data were recorded.
Afterwards, subjects rated their subjective valence and arousal while viewing the pictures again.
If trait mindfulness reduces general emotional responding, then responses from individuals with high mindfulness would be associated with decreased late positive potential amplitudes, decreased skin conductance response, and decreased subjective ratings of valence and arousal to emotional pictures.
High mindfulness would also be associated with a decreased emotional modulation of startle eyeblink amplitudes and of startle P3 amplitudes during emotional pictures.
Although analysis showed clear effects of emotion on dependent measures, in general, mindfulness did not moderate these effects.
Mid Sweden University, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Health Sciences.
Lindert, Jutta Department of Public Health, Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg, Germany.
Hatzidimitriadou, Eleni Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, Kingston University and St George's, University of London, London, United Kingdom.
Ioannidi-Kapolo, Ellisabeth Institute of Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.
Degomme, Oliver International Centre for Reproductive Health ICRHGhent University, Ghent, Belgium.
Cervilla, Jorge Departmental Section of Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine, University of Granada, Granada, Spain.
Barros, Henrique Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Predictive Medicine and Public Health, University of Porto Medical School, Porto, Portugal.
Article in journal Refereed Objective To describe the design, methods, procedures and characteristics of the population involved in a study designed to compare Intimate Partner Violence IPV in eight European countries.
Chi-square goodness of fit and five-age strata population fractions ratios for sex and education were computed to evaluate samples' representativeness.
Results Differences in the age distributions were found among women from Sweden and Portugal and among men from Belgium, Hungary, Portugal and Sweden.
Over-recruitment of more educated respondents was noted in all sites.
Conclusion The use of a common research protocol with the same structured questionnaire is likely to provide accurate estimates of the general population IPV frequency, despite limitations in probabilistic sampling and restrictions in methods of administration.
Linköping University, Department of Social and Welfare Studies, Learning, Aesthetics, Natural science.
Linköping University, Faculty of Educational Sciences.
Tholander, Michael Linköping University, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Education, Teaching and Learning.
Linköping University, Faculty of Educational Sciences.
Article in journal Refereed Peters, Magdalena Örebro University, School of Law, Psychology and Social Work.
Participants were 209 parents with children ages 8-12 who were randomized to the two programs.
Parents experienced markedly less child externalizing behavior problems, both conduct problems and ADHD symptoms, as well as increased competence, improved family climate, and decreased emotional dyscontrol and levels of stress after both programs.
The differences in effects between the programs were small and only measures of use of specific behavioral techniques had medium effects in favor of Comet.
Thus, both Comet and Connect appear to be effective interventions but more research is needed, especially concerning long-term evaluations.
Muntean, Adrian Eindhoven University of Technology.
We start from empirical results reported in the literature on group rationality as collective group level competence and use data on real-life groups of four and five to validate a mathematical model.
We then use this mathematical model to predict group level scores from a variety of possible group configurations varying both in cognitive distance and average individual rationality.
Our results show that both age marbella casino competence and cognitive distance are necessary conditions for emergent group rationality.
Group configurations, in which the groups become more rational than the most rational group member, are groups scoring low on cognitive distance and scoring high on absorptive capacity.
Plym Arkert, Sofia Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology.
Företagen anses iowa gambling laws age använda kompetensutveckling som ett lockbete för att attrahera medarbetare.
Syftet med föreliggande studie var att rikta fokus på individens attityd till kompetensutveckling och studera om den upplevdes som stimulerande, avlastande eller stressande.
Ett annat syfte var att undersöka hur motiverad individen var till kompetensutveckling.
Resultatet visade att domstolsanställda var mer motiverade och mindre stressade över kompetensutveckling än processverksamhetsanställda.
Domstolsanställda hade även en positivare attityd.
Vidare påverkade ålder och utbildning attityden till kompetensutveckling.
Anmärkningsvärt var att processverksamhetsanställda ändå var förhållandevis positiva till kompetensutveckling, vilket betraktades som undersökningens huvudfynd.
Detta var en viktig lärdom, dels för att inte fortsätta bredda det redan befintliga utbildningsgapet och dels för att påminna arbetsgivarna om deras betydelse för anställdas utveckling.
Tingstam, Sofia Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology.
Huvuddelen av patientgruppen erbjuds farmakologisk behandling som inte alltid är tillräckligt effektiv.
Det finns begränsat med forskning på psykologiska behandlingar för vuxna med ADHD.
KBT och även DBT har båda visat goda resultat.
För att öka tillgängligheten för denna patientgrupp skulle internetbehandling kunna vara ett alternativ.
Syftet med denna studie var att effektutvärdera en internetbehandling iKBT för vuxna med ADHD jämfört med en aktiv kontrollbehandling iTA samt väntelista.
Andelen förbättrade i iKBT, iTA och väntelistan var 27%, 22% respektive 0%.
Resultaten tyder på att iKBT bör ses över gällande utformning och användarvänlighet.
Åred, Emma Örebro University, School of Law, Psychology and Social Work.
We had an explorative approach to this aim and used Grounded theory as a research method.
Kriminalitet under ungdomsåren är vanligt förekommande och Moffitt 1993 har utformat en teori om att en stor grupp ungdomar under en begränsad tid under tonåren begår brott, så kallad tonårstidsbegränsad kriminalitet, medan en mindre grupp ungdomars brottslighet inte begränsas till tonåren, så kallad långvarig kriminalitet.
Syftet med den föreliggande studien var att iowa gambling laws age identifiera dimensioner i gruppen och mönster i de brott de rapporterat att de begått samt att beskriva gruppen utifrån problemområdena skolproblematik, psykiatriska besvär, misshandel av föräldraperson samt ålder för alkoholdebut respektive brottsdebut.
Resultatet visade att det fanns stora skillnader med avseende på kriminalitet i gruppen.
En liten andel pojkar i gruppen har begått en stor andel av brotten medan majoriteten av alla pojkar har begått ett relativt fåtal brott.
Med utgångspunkt i våldsbrottsligheten gick det att urskilja två subgrupper, grupp S1 och grupp S2, som skiljde sig signifikant åt inom samtliga studerade index.
Grupp S2 hade i jämförelse med grupp S1 signifikant större skolproblematik, fler psykiatriska besvär och hade oftare blivit utsatt för misshandel av föräldraperson.
Grupp S2 hade dessutom signifikant lägre genomsnittsålder för både alkoholdebut och brottsdebut än grupp S1.
Integritetstest används för att predicera vilka individer som sannolikt kommer att ägna sig åt kontraproduktiva beteenden på arbetsplatsen.
Amerikansk forskning har dock påvisat att integritetstest även till viss del kan förutspå arbetsprestation.
I Sverige är integritetstest relativt ovanliga, ett av de befintliga testen är Measuring Integrity MINT framtaget av Assessio.
Syftet med denna studie var att undersöka sambanden mellan integritet och arbetsprestation bland anställda inom svensk detaljhandel.
Resultatet bekräftade samtliga tidigare konstaterade samband, vilket innebär att det finns tendenser till att liknande resultat som påvisats i amerikanska studier även gäller för Sverige.
The aim of this study was to investigate why women who have basic military training choose to continue their education in the Armed Forces.
The participants represented five female officers aged 22 to 34.
For demographic reasons I conducted telephone interviews with the participants.
I followed the principles of inductive thematic analysis when I analyzed the interviews.
The analysis showed that the comradeship, the opportunity for personal development, the type of tasks and the ability to use the military training not only in the Armed Forces but also in the civilian life were motives forbecoming an officer.
The aim of this study was to investigate if there is a relationship between perceived organizational justice, stress and burnout among employees within the Swedish Church.
An electronic questionnaire was designed and distributed to the participants via e-mail.
Correlation analysis showed that there is a negative relationship between organizational justice and stress, and between organizational justice and burnout.
Analysis of variance also showed that there are differences with regard to gender in organizational justice and with regard to profession in organizational justice and burnout.
Bendelin, Nina Linköping University, Department of Behavioural Sciences.
I syfte att utforska upplevelser av att genomgå internetadministrerad kognitiv beteendeterapeutisk självhjälpsbehandling mot depression intervjuades 12 deltagare.
Tematisk analys genererade de övergripande kategorierna: Läsa och göra; Någon som.
Mönster av upplevelser och förändringsprocesser i informanternas berättelser föll ut i tre grupperingar: Noviser, Lärjungar och Mästare.
Dessa mönster av upplevelser kan förstås utifrån tidigare studier av förändringsprocesser i psykoterapi.
Kvalitativa studier på autonomi, kontext och funktionen av terapeutkontakt behövs för att ytterligare utreda förändringsprocesser i internetbaserad självhjälpsbehandling.
Wahlund, Emma Mälardalen University, School of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology.
Det handlar om tekniker för att med hjärnans hjälp skapa bättre förutsättningar för idrottare att nå framgång.
För elitsatsande idrottare börjar fenomenet bli en självklarhet men gäller detsamma för motionärer och icke-idrottare?
Denna enkätstudie kartlägger hur individer resonerar kring mental träning utifrån deras idrottsliga bakgrund och erfarenheter.
Resultatet visar att elitsatsande idrottare har mest positiv attityd till mental träning och icke-idrottare har lägst.
Träningsformen individen utövar inverkar på om personen känner till mental träning.
De som tränar individuellt har mest kännedom om mental träning.
Elitsatsande idrottare förväntar sig mer av mental träning än motionärer och icke-idrottare.
Ingen skillnad fanns mellan könen gällande att söka hjälp av mentala tränare vilket tidigare utländsk forskning visat.
Svenska män är öppnare till fenomenet.
Halmstad University, School of Health and Welfare, Centre of Research on Welfare, Health and Sport CVHISport Health and Physical activity.
The study isbased on three theories: the Athletic Career Transitional Model, Self Determination theoryand the holistic ecological approach.
The study was a mixed method interventionstudy questionnaire, semi-structured interviews and an intervention consisting of educationalsessions and an implementation phase.
The study revealed that the club is still facilitating with remnants of its transition despiteover-looking it.
The study found the targeted club to predominantly demand elite investmentfrom players, experience barriers regarding individual differences and communication withinthe club and resources in the form of popular, well-educated coaches.
The clubs transition wasfound to influence all basic needs in some way, the change in management brought positivevalues with autonomy supportive measures and coaches.
Increased elite investment anddeficient communication within the club also influenced basic needs.
Results from theintervention are presented as well as implications with a basis in the theories used.
Andersson, Viktor Halmstad University, School of Health and Welfare.
The study is based on three theories: the Holistic ecological approach, Self Determination theory and Achievement Goal theory.
A total of seven interviews with four players, two coaches and the manager were conducted.
Five observations at a minimum of 90 minutes gave the authors a broader view of the ATDE.
An analysis of content and a triangulation with the supervisor were conducted in order to interpret the empirical data.
The study revealed that the club is under re-organization, and its enthusiasm to evolve and become even better.
The study found the ATDE to have a mastery oriented and autonomy supportive climate which in many ways contributed to the successful features of the ATDE.
The study confirms earlier research regarding ATDE success factors as well as connections between SDT and AGT.
Implications with a basis in the theories used are presented.
Drakenberg, Emma Örebro University, School of Law, Psychology and Social Work, Örebro University, Sweden.
It also looks into if gender and age has any influence.
The study is built on an earlier diary study MacDonald, et.
The questionnaire included questions about the experienced stress under the 28day period.
We expect to find differences between the affective groups, we won´t find any differences regarding gender, or age.
The result shows that there are no differences between the groups, between genders or when it comes to age.
How the participants remembered earlier sleep qualities and pain were the predictors of the remembrance on stress.
Självledarskap innefattar strategier som syftar till att medvetandegöra och förändra individens tankar och i förlängningen beteende.
Genom att förändra tankemönster kan individen förhoppningsvis öka chansen att hantera stress.
Forskning visar att ökat självledarskap medför ökad self-efficacy, vilket i sin tur förbättrar förmågan att hantera stress.
Studien syftar till att undersöka om det även finns samband mellan självledarskap och stress, hypotesen var att det föreligger ett negativt samband mellan de båda variablerna.
Deltagarna 89 studenter, varav 56 kvinnor besvarade en enkät bestående av självledarskap, självskattad stress och arbetsmiljö.
Analyser visade att det inte fanns ett linjärt samband mellan variablerna, men att självledarskap ändå ökar när arbetskraven ökar.
Även självskattad stress ökar vid högre arbetskrav.
Det krävs dock ytterligare forskning för att vidare undersöka sambanden, gärna med experimentell design rörande huruvida förändringar i självledarskap leder till förändrade stressnivåer.
Forskning har visat på ett samband mellan personlighet och utmattningssyndrom.
Dock har relativt få studier utförts på området, särskilt på ungdomar.
Utmattningssyndrom delades till dimensionerna fysisk, mental och emotionell trötthet.
Korrelationer och multipla regressionsanalyser beräknades.
Resultatet visade att conscientiousness och neuroticism var starkast prediktorer av utmattningssyndrom som helhet, medan särskilt neuroticism predicerade fysisk, conscientiousness mental och agreeableness emotionell utmattning.
Kunskap om personlighetens betydelse för utmattningssyndrom är viktig och kan användas vid riktade preventionsprogram.
Franzén, Laila University of Skövde, School of Technology and Society.
The study is conducted from a social constructivist perspective where it is argued that the individual is created through social interactions.
In order to obtain understanding for social gender structure and nonverbal communication in social interactions observation has been utilized as a method.
In addition an observation matrix based on nonverbal behavior and masculine and feminine hexis has been established.
The focus in the analysis, however, concentrates on the interactions between individuals.
By focusing on interactions between individuals we are able to capture the nonverbal communication and in addition, how learned gender structures influence the interactions.
In the analysis we arrived at the conclusion that both nonverbal communication and gender, to a certain degree, affect the interactions on the employment interview.
Det har tidigare forskats på sambandet mellan tillfälliga anställningar och individers välbefinnande.
Forskningen har däremot inte uppmärksammat om längden på den återstående avtalstiden har någon inverkan på de anställdas psykiska hälsa.
Syftet med denna studie var att undersöka om längden på den återstående kontraktstiden kan predicera fotbollsspelares psykiska hälsa.
Studien kontrollerade även om ålder, föräldraskap och planer för framtiden kunde ha någon inverkan på spelares psykiska hälsa i relation till återstående kontraktstid.
Detta undersöktes genom en enkätstudie där 101 professionella fotbollsspelare från fem svenska elitlag deltog.
Det huvudsakliga resultatet av studien var att återstående kontraktstid inte kunde predicera psykisk hälsa.
Det framkom dock att planering för framtiden hade en positiv inverkan på vissa delar av spelarnas psykiska hälsa.
En möjlig förklaring till varför återstående kontraktstid inte kunde predicera psykisk hälsa är att ett utgående kontrakt kan upplevas både som positivt och negativt.
Klintberg, Anna Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology.
Majoriteten av all forskning är baserad på den manliga populationen och okunskapen kring hur ADHD yttrar sig bland kvinnor gör att deras svårigheter tenderar att förbises.
Kvinnor får generellt såväl diagnos som behandling senare än män.
Mer kunskap om hur ADHD yttrar sig hos kvinnor krävs för att tidigare kunna diagnosticera och erbjuda adekvat vård.
Syftet med föreliggande studie är att belysa upplevelser hos kvinnor med ADHD.
Detta gjordes genom tolv semistrukturerade intervjuer.
Genom en tematisk analys framkom sju teman; symtom i vardagen, relationer, normer, att inte bli sedd, att få diagnos, relaterande till sina styrkor och svagheter samt omgivningens oförståelse.
Resultaten vittnar om att kvinnorna upplevt sig missförstådda och förbisedda då deras ADHD-symtom krockat med könsstereotypa föreställningar om hur man som kvinna bör agera.
En diskussion förs kring hur ett vidgat synsätt på ADHD kan tänkas öka förståelsen för kvinnors svårigheter och förhoppningsvis leda till att de tidigare erhåller stöd.
Ring, Lotta Linköping University, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning.
Åtta kvinnliga psykoterapeuter ingick i studien, samtliga yrkesverksamma inom specialiserad traumavård eller psykiatri.
I studien har Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis IPA möjliggjort att mer i detalj ta del av den enskildes upplevelser men även utrymme för att analysera och tolka utifrån ett vidare teoretiserande perspektiv.
Analysen och tolkningen av materialet resulterade i tre huvudteman: Upplevelsen av dissociation - relationsbrott i det terapeutiska rummet, Viljan till kontakt - den aktiva relationsupprättande terapeuten samt Relationen som grund - den trygghetsskapande terapeuten.
Resultatet visade på att patienternas psykopatologi men även tidpunkten i behandlingen som terapeuterna hänvisade till hade stor betydelse för hur samspelsmönster utvecklades och vilka interventioner som kom i fokus.
De dissociativa relationsbrotten eller identitetsväxlingarna uppmärksammades ofta på en ordlös, kroppslig nivå.
Alliansarbetet och den tillitsskapande processen var en central uppgift som mycket av det övriga arbetet vilade på.
They also report that the number of hours of overtime worked has increased.
Previous research on work-related stress and overtime work has demonstrated associations with altered physiological arousal, increased risk for stress related diseases, shorter sleep, greater fatigue and impaired performance.
However, there is a lack of knowledge on the effects within individuals.
The general aim of the thesis was to investigate the effect of overtime work and increased work stress on sleep, the diurnal pattern of cortisol, sleepiness and subjective stress in a within-subject design.
In addition, it examined individual differences in the diurnal cortisol response to stress.
We used a combination of methods — questionnaires, sleep and wake diaries, objective measures of sleep, stress hormones salivary cortisol and ambulatory measures of see more rate and blood pressure.
The individual differences in the cortisol response to stress from study I prompted study III.
In this study we examined two groups that showed different cortisol responses to stress.
In conclusion, the results I demonstrated that a week with higher workload and stress affects physiological stress markers such as cortisol, and is associated with increased sleepiness and problems of unwinding at bedtime, shorter sleep duration and longer work hours.
Furthermore II overtime work, under conditions of relatively low workload, was shown to be associated with modest effects on physiological markers of arousal.
More pronounced effects were found on sleep and fatigue, with greater problems during overtime work.
Study III indicated that individual differences in cortisol response to stress maybe related to fatigue and exhaustion.
Community disturbances in the form of major accidents, natural disasters and similar emergencies have in recent years been relatively frequent in western Sweden.
The basis for this study consisted mainly of how the management personnel in the rescue organization experienced these events, which the author got acquainted to through seven semi-structured interviews.
Of those interviewed were six men and one woman, and the age distribution ranged from 40 to 65 years.
All participants were well experienced in crisis management with at least ten years of work experience.
Collected data were analyzed by thematic analysis.
The strengths of leadership that emerged iowa gambling laws age the study was the importance of having a common objective, well-defined roles, experience, common structure, the opportunity to distance oneself, that the organizations were in place, and personnel replacing available.
Difficulties with respect to leadership, as noted, was that the participants were faced with unfamiliar situations, uncertainties, conflicts, emotional impact, and that there could be problems to meet basic needs.
The results also showed the many demands made on the leaders, such as expertise and social skills such as humility and ability to produce harmony and trust among employees.
Finally, the results showed the importance of continued training and the professional development needs of the leaders who are working in crisis management organizations, which should be considered for future events that require a long-term management work.
Westin, Sofi Örebro University, School of Law, Psychology and Social Work, Örebro University, Sweden.
Umeå University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Radiation Sciences.
Umeå University, Faculty of Medicine, Umeå Centre for Functional Brain Imaging UFBI.
An initial aim of this thesis was to determine whether training of a specific executive function updating produces improvements in performance on trained and transfer tasks, and whether the effects are maintained over time.
Neural systems underlying training and transfer effects were also investigated and one question considered is whether transfer depends on general or specific neural overlap between training and transfer tasks.
An additional aim was to identify how individual differences in executive functioning are mapped to functional brain changes.
In Study I, significant training-related changes in performance on the letter memory criterion task were found in both young and older adults after 5 weeks of updating training.
Transfer to a 3-back test of updating was also demonstrated in the young adults.
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRI revealed overlapping activity in letter memory and 3-back tasks in fronto-parietal areas and striatum pre-training, and a joint training-related activity increase for the tasks in a striatal region.
No transfer was observed to a task Stroop that engaged fronto-parietal areas, but not the striatal region and updating per se.
Moreover, age-related striatal changes imposed constraints on transfer.
In Study II, additional transfer tasks and a test of long-term maintenance were included.
Results revealed that training-related gains in performance were maintained 18 months post-training in both young and older adults, whereas transfer effects were limited to tasks requiring updating and restricted to young participants.
This task enables manipulation of executive demand, which permits examination of how individual differences in executive functioning can be mapped to functional brain changes.
Relative to a young high- performing group, capacity constraints in executive functioning were apparent between 1—2-back for the elderly participants and between 2—3-back for a young low-performing group.
Capacity constraints in neural activity followed this pattern by showing a monotonically increasing response in the parietal cortex and the thalamus for young high performers, whereas activity levelled off at 1-back for elderly performers and at 2-back for young please click for source performers.
The response in the dorsal frontal cortex followed a similar pattern.
Together, these findings indicate that fronto-parietal as well as sub-cortical areas are important for individual differences in executive functioning, training of updating and transfer effects.
Svärd, Benny Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology.
Syftet var att undersöka vilka effekter fysisk träning och meditation har i stressreducerande syfte och om dessa träningsformer upplevdes skilja sig åt.
Tio individer intervjuades, alla utövade någon form av fysisk träning eller meditation.
Analysarbetet följde analysmetoden induktiv tematisk analys.
Studien visade att den fysiska träningen och meditationen bidrog till stressreduktion samt att karaktären på stressreduktionen skilde sig åt.
Den fysiska träningen gav en effektiv stressreduktion vid påtagliga stresstillstånd, medan meditation bidrog till att förändra förhållningssättet till det som stressar.
Resultaten pekar på att fysisk träning och meditation är komplementära i strävan efter stressreduktion och det som verkar vara avgörande för valet av utövande är individens personlighet, situation och i vilken fas man befinner sig i livet.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relation between SOC, attitudes towards grades, and perceived stress levels among adolescents, and whether there was any difference in this relation between gender.
The first research hypothesis was: "there is a gender difference to the degree of SOC, attitude to grades, and perceived stress level".
The second was that "SOC and attitude to grades, predict stress in adolescents".
To answer these hypotheses, a questionnaire survey was carried out among upper secondary students, 95 boys and 89 girls.
The result of the analysis showed a significant difference between the gender.
Similarly, that the degree of SOC predicts stress in adolescents was detectable.
Further analyses revealed that this evidence was only detected among boys, after splitting the gender into two groups.
These results partly support earlier research.
The conclusion of this study was that there is a gender difference in degree of SOC, attitudes toward grades, and the perceived stress level.
Moreover, that SOC and the attitudes to grades, predicts stress is rejected for youth as group, but confirmed for boys.
The results were discussed by differences in gender and SOC, lack of validity, and finally lack of generalization.
Föreliggande studie syftade till att undersöka om en organisatorisk intervention i form av arbetstidsförkortning och viss fysisk aktivitet kunde främja olika aspekter av hälsa och välbefinnande hos tandvårdspersonal inom Folktandvården.
Interventionen sträckte sig över ett år och totalt medverkade 154 kvinnliga tandläkare och tandsköterskor i studien.
Resultaten visade på minskad total arbetsbelastning samt lägre förekomst av muskelbesvär.
Dock kunde resultaten inte kopplas till interventionen då utvecklingen var likartad i såväl interventions- som kontrollgrupp.
Resultatet kan vara relaterat till en s.
Hawthorne-effekt är en av de förklaringar som diskuteras.
Vidare diskuteras tandvårdens styrning och kopplingar till hälsa.
Edvardsson, Bo Iowa gambling laws age University, School of Law, Psychology and Social Work.
Twenty conversations in pairs were recorded and the content was compared with memories of the conversation after seven days.
A number of memory phenomena and errors city in nj legal gambling age atlantic found, e.
Johnsson, Amelie Umeå University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology.
The aim of this study was to examine social-­emotional health of three-­year-­olds in Västerbotten, Sweden.
Furthermore, to examine gender differences and if there is an association with eating habits.
The results showed that 6 % of three-­year-­olds in this study were estimated to be over the cut-off value and that boys are estimated to have a poorer social-­emotional health than girls.
The results also showed iowa gambling laws age healthy nutrition is significantly associated with higher social-emotional health however the association was weak.
How many months the child exclusively breastfed showed no association.
In conclusion the results indicate that three-­year-­olds in Västerbotten have a satisfactory level of social-­emotional health and that girls have a better social-­emotional health than boys.
Furthermore the study shows that there is a small possibility that nutrition affects the social-­emotional health in three-­year-­olds however further research is necessary.
In the multinational Sartre project a vast number of interviews were conducted with European drivers to study their attitudes to traffic and traffic safety.
The first Swedish contribution Sartre1 consisted of 1266 interviews of about 200 questions each.
In Sartre2 five years later another 1003 car drivers were subjected to a similar, but somewhat shorter, interview.
In an attempt to summarize and give some kind of structure to, at least part of, the material, the LISREL technique was tried on about 60 of the 200 Sartre1-variables.
LISREL analyses on these subsets of variables, single or in various combinations, then showed 1 which variables that could not be fitted to any more general models, 2 those combinations of variables that had so strong intercorrelations that they could be interpreted as indicators of mutual latent variables and 3 the relations between the latent variables.
All analyses were made separately for men and women because of the suspicion that the structures and patterns of attitudes might vary between the sexes.
Nygård, Malin Umeå University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology.
The aim of this study was to investigate possible long-term effects of preterm birth.
Associations was to be investigated between preterm birth and kinematics, lateralization and cognitive function among 40 children born preterm PT compared to 48 age-matched children born full-term FT.
Kinematics was registered by a goal-directed task pressing buttons in sequences, uni- or bimanually.
Cognitive function was measured with Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children — 4th Edition and side-preference with Dichotic Listening and hand, foot and eye observations.
Results showed significant differences between groups regarding kinematics and general cognitive function.
Gestational age GA is associated with kinematics, cognitive function and side-preference.
Findings suggest immature spatio-temporal movement organization as a long-term effect of risk factors associated to preterm birth, specifically children born very PT.
This may also be related to lower cognitive function due to deviations in related cerebral structures.
Linköping University, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Disability Research.
Linköping University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
Danielsson, Henrik Linköping University, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Disability Research.
Linköping University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
Emilsson, Magnus Linköping University, The Swedish Institute for Disability Research.
Linköping University, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Disability Research.
Linköping University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
Andersson, Jan VTI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Linköping, Sweden.
Article in journal Refereed The purpose of the experiment on collaborative memory was to investigate if the collaborative inhibition is due to collaborating pair's disruption of each others' retrieval strategies the retrieval strategy disruption hypothesis, RSD.
Retrieval strategies were manipulated by presenting word lists organised either by categories or by iowa gambling laws age of origin and adoption of retrieval strategies were examined by the adjusted ratio of clustering score.
Half of the dyads received word lists organised by the same strategy and half of the dyads received word lists organised by different strategies.
The results revealed a main effect of collaboration, i.
Both conditions check this out strategies vs different strategies suffered to the same extent from collaboration, which did not support the RSD hypothesis.
However, focusing on words recalled individually but not collaboratively, dyads with different strategies, as predicted by the RSD, forgot more items during collaboration than did dyads with the same strategy.
Additional results suggest that collaborative forgetting is mainly manifested by forgetting of non-overlapping items as measured by individual recalls.
Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics.
Cajander, Åsa Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Information Technology, Computerized Image Analysis and Human-Computer Interaction.
Huvila, Isto Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Department of ALM.
Dahl, Jo-Anne Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology.
Conference paper Other academic Assmar, Alexandra Mälardalen University, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare.
Tidigare forskning pekar på att socialt stöd spelar en betydande roll för minskad prestationsångest i studier, samt att tidspress ger en ökad effekt.
Undersökningen hade 151 manliga studenter från två olika program på en högskola.
Mätningen av socialt stöd och tidspress skedde genom en tvåvägs variansanalys för oberoende mätningar för att få fram om hur dessa huvudeffekter har en inverkan på prestationsångest.
Resultatet visade att högt socialt stöd och lite tidspress minskar prestationsångest samtidigt som lågt socialt stöd och mycket tidspress leder till ökad prestationsångest.
En åtgärd för ökat socialt stöd kan vara att aktivt arbeta för en större sammanhållning mellan studenterna.
Vi valde att endast undersöka män för att tidigare forskning kring detta ämne har haft stor fokus på endast kvinnor.
Tillmann, Barbara Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, CNRS UMR5292, INSERM U1028Université de Lyon, Lyon, France.
Perrin, Fabien Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, CNRS UMR5292, INSERM U1028Université de Lyon, Lyon, France.
We transferred thisparadigm to the auditory modality.
Prime awareness was manipulated by a reduction of sound intensity level.
Uncategorized prime words according to a post-test were followed by semantically related, unrelated, or repeated targetwords presented without intensity reduction and participants performed a lexical decision task LDT.
Participants withslower reaction times in the LDT showed semantic priming faster reaction times for semantically related compared tounrelated targets and negative repetition priming slower reaction times for repeated compared to semantically relatedtargets.
This is the first report of semantic priming in the auditory modality without conscious categorization of the prime.
Pictures of fear relevant animals are detected fast and lead to shorter reaction time, compared to pictures of fear irrelevant animals.
Fear relevant animals also capture attention and steals focus, which leads to slower reaction time.
Fear leads to either preparedness for action faster reaction time or cognitive distraction slower reaction time.
In a combined startle probe and reaction time experiment, five participants were requested to react to a visual probe, superimposed on pictures of animals, both relevant and irrelevant to fear.
Startle probes were given as noise bursts in headphones.
Startle reaction, heart rate and reaction time were measured.
A negative correlation between reaction time and startle potentiation was found on group level, whereas no significant correlations were found on the individual level.
However, the individual results tend to gather in clusters, which might give a significant result on group level even if there is none.
Olsson, Viktoria Örebro University, School of Law, Psychology and Social Work, Örebro University, Sweden.
This study examined which variable, optimism or gender, had the greatest impact on pain.
This study used both a convenience and snowball sampling consisting of a total of 45 students, 21 women and 24 men aged 19-39 years old.
Optimism was measured by Life Orientation Test Revised and to measure pain perception, a cold pressor task was used.
The results showed no significant differences between men and women in pain perception or pain tolerance.
The results did not show any difference between optimists and pessimists regarding pain perception and pain tolerance either.
These findings contradicted previous research and therefore the measurement instrument reliability in this study was questioned.
Lindqvist, Johanna Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology.
Då psykologyrket blivit alltmer breddat och differentierat väcktes intresset att undersöka om det också inom gruppen psykologstudenter fanns skillnader i personlighetsdrag.
Resultaten analyserades statistiskt med hjälp av variansanalys där variabeln kön konstanthölls ANCOVA.
Burängen, Jenny Halmstad University, School of Social and Health Sciences HOS.
Scheff kommer vi i denna uppsats fokusera kring frågan, vilken betydelse har läraren för utvecklingen av elevens självkänsla?
Med utgångspunkt i dessa teorier och vissa centrala begrepp såsom spegeljag, sociala band och ME och I kommer vi att fördjupa oss i den verklighet där eleven möter sin lärare, hur detta möte påverkar elevens personliga utvecklig mot en identitet samt hur relationen påverkar elevens utvecklig mot ett själv och deras självkänsla.
Eftersom ungdomar tillbringar mest tid i skolmiljön och där lärare är de vuxna, vill vi undersöka om relationen med lärare påverkar ungdomar när det kommer till personlig utveckling, självkänsla och identitet.
Nyckelord: självkänsla, personlig utveckling, skola, relationer Gunnarsson, Birgitta FoU Kronoberg, Region Kronoberg; Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi, Göteborgs universitet.
Brüggemann, Jelmer Linköping University, Department of Thematic Studies, Technology and Social Change.
Linköping University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
Article in journal Refereed Patients' experiences of orgasm changes and loss of ejaculation after radical prostatectomy In this study we report on men's experiences of orgasm changes and loss of ejaculation after radical prostatectomy.
Ten men, all recruited through a Swedish hospital, were article source and data was analyzed using qualitative content analysis.
The results showed that the experience of orgasm has weakened but that the loss of ejaculation was not perceived as a loss per se.
However, the risk of urine release during orgasm was troublesome and inhibiting.
These challenges were framed within an existential narrative about sexuality, as expressed in preoperative sexual farewell rituals and postoperative feelings of ambivalence and regret.
These findings can be used in the design of patient information and for sexual rehabilitation treatment.
Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department iowa gambling laws age Information Technology, Human-Computer Interaction.
Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Information Technology, Computer Systems.
Jansson, Anders Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Information Technology, Human-Computer Interaction.
Kavathatzopoulos, Iordanis Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Information Technology, Human-Computer Interaction.
Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Information Technology, Computer Systems.
Petre, Marian 2000 In: IEEE Frontiers in Education conference, 2000, F4C6-F4C9 p.
Conference paper Refereed Our students are highly competent in the technical area, but have little training in the non-technical area.
This paper describes a course that is designed to increase the students' ability to apply their technical skills in a professional way.
Projects with real, low in IT skills, users are used to make the issue of being professional concrete.
The aspect of communication, both between for profit betting and between users of a product, is chosen as a theme.
Relevant theory is introduced as close to the point in time when needed in the real project.
This paper give the general setting of the course and observations from students and teachers about how well the goals are achieved.
Karlstad University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences starting 2018Department of Social and Psychological Studies.
The main research question was whether there are any differences between students in vocational and theoretically oriented programs regarding their attitude to higher education and study engagement.
The results was also compared with a study with the same research question conducted in Countryside town in fryksdalen, Värmland county to see whether attitude and student engagement differ between high school students in different parts of Värmland.
The method used was quantitative with data collected by using questionnaires.
The sample consisted of 107 upper secondary students where 55 students studied in the theory-based programs and 52 students were students in vocational programs.
The results show that it is different in attitude factor 1 Views on likelihood of attending university2 Likelihood of friends attending university and 3 Family attending university between the vocational program and theoretically driven program.
In study engagement differs factor 4 aspirations and goal between the two approaches.
In the comparison between the regions there is a difference in attitude factor 2 Likelihood of friends attending university and factor 3 Family attending university.
Övergripande frågeställning i studien har varit; på vilket sätt och hur blir en muslimskimmigrant påverkad av integrationen till det svenska samhället?
Studien bygger på sexintervjuade muslimska immigranter i ålders gruppen arton till femtiofyra, både män ochkvinnor har blivit intervjuade.
Personerna som intervjuades berättade om hur de har varitutsatt för diskriminering och negativa fördomar.
Detta leder till att de identifierar sigmed en ingrupp bestående av andra immigranter och placerar sig själva i en stereotyp.
Immigranterna beskriver också hur språket är det de anser viktigast för en lyckadintegration till Svenska samhället och vikten av att ha ett språk för att kunna få jobb ochaccepteras.
Språket blir därför en viktig faktor för att bygga upp det egnasjälvförtroendet.
Syftet med denna studie var att beskriva föräldrars upplevelser av att ha ett barn som är http://allcasinobitcoinin.top/age/gambling-laws-in-us-age.html hur man tänkte och kände när man fick vetskap om barnets läggning och hur man upplever det idag.
Författarens utgångspunkt är att det heteronormativa samhälle har betydelse för vår syn på homosexualitet och för hur föräldrar reagerar när deras barn kommer ut som homosexuellt.
Metoden som använts är semistrukturerade intervjuer som analyserats utifrån en kvalitativ, tematisk ansats.
Majoriteten av föräldrarna i undersökningen beskriver att beskedet om deras barns homosexualitet väckte både sorg och rädsla och för ungefär hälften av dem kom det som en fullständig chock.
Med tiden har de svåra känslorna avtagit i styrka och flera föräldrar rapporterar att deras barns homosexualitet har lett till att de själva har mognat som människor och kommit närmare sina barn.
Kunskap om homosexualitet, möte med andra i samma situation och positiva erfarenheter av att berätta för vänner och släktingar om barnets läggning är några av de faktorer som nämns som betydelsefulla i processen att acceptera barnets läggning.
Några föräldrar beskriver dock en kvardröjande oro för att deras barn ska råka ut för hot och våld och få ett svårare liv och vissa nämner att det är svårt att släppa att barnets liv inte blev som man tänkt sig.

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Heritability for adolescent antisocial behavior differs with socioeconomic status: gene-environment interaction. Pages 149-180, Friday, April 07, 2006. Uncategorized prime words according to a post-test were followed by semantically related, unrelated, or repeated targetwords presented without intensity reduction and participants performed a lexical decision task LDT.

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Click to Play! Syftet med undersökningen var att identifiera det upplevda behovet och nyttan av mental träning under tävlingssammanhang, för golf- och tennisgymnasieelever. Iowa gambling laws age the multinational Sartre project a vast number of interviews were conducted with European drivers to study their attitudes to traffic and traffic safety.

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